Fit India School Week 2020 - 2021

               SACRED HEART SCHOOL celebrated FIT INDIA SCHOOL WEEK from December 14 to December 23 comprising of several fitness related activities as said in the CIRCULAR NO: ACAD -82/2020.The prime objective of the program is to alter behavior from passive screen time to active field time and to develop sport quotient among all the students to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
DAY 1 (14/12/20):
Free hand exercise - Virtual assembly:
As a part of observing Fit India Week our school conducted Free hand exercises for the students of grade IX and X through Google Meet on 14/12/20. Mr.Mariappan the physical education instructor of our school lead the assembly after our Sr. Principal’s instructions to the children and gave free hand exercise training to all students. This was very useful and also students got aware that free hand exercise tones our muscles and also improve our circulatory systems. 17 students participated actively with great involvement.
Zigzag running:
It was conducted for the students of grade I and 38 students participated in the activity to increase their strength and make their hips and ankles flexible.
Shuttle running:
It was executed by the students of grade II and 55 students took part in the activity and performed well to improve coordination & leg strength power
It is a game that helps students to master body control, build body strength, balances eye/hand coordination & more. This was conducted for the students of grade III & IV and 36 students participated eagerly.
Jumping Rope:
It was assigned for the students of grade V and 36 of them took part fervently. This helps in burning calories & better Coordination.
DAY 2 (16/12/20):
Yoga – Virtual assembly:
The yoga session began with a prayer followed by yoga asanas and various activities revolving around fitness & nutrition for grade IX & X by Rev.Sr. Renny through Google meet. 76 students were enthused & motivated with yoga activities & promised to make it a part of their life
DAY 3 (18/12/20):
Brain Game:
“Your brain is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets “ Based on this quote Brain games were conducted for the children of grade IX & X. 30 students stepped into the bustling world of cubic game and chess and played excited in order to develop their mental flexibility and problem solving skills.
Poster Making:
Poster making competition was organized on the theme “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” for the children of grade IV. 52 Students participated passionately and showed their creativity in their beautiful posters.
Preparing advertisements on “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” was conducted for grade VI. 42 children participated and showed their innovative skills.
DAY 4 (19/12/20):
Debate on the topic of “Diet & nutrition during Pandemic” was conducted with staffs, Parents & Students on 19/12/2020 from 11.00 am to 11.30 am coordinated by Mrs. Christina and judged by Vice Principal Rev. Sr. Marietta.
The participants are,
Favour of the topic:
Student Parent Teacher
Yuvashree Mrs.Latha Lakshmi Mrs.Savariammal

Opposer of the topic:
Student Parent Teacher
Niya Pushpam Mr.Muthukumar Mrs.Usha Rani

English Essay/Poem writing competition was held for the students of STD VII on 19/12/2020. The students were asked to write essay/poem on the Topic “Fitness Beats Pandemic”. 24 students participated and the purpose of the competition was to encourage the students to enhance their thinking & writing skills and keep them self fit.
A Podcast was made on “Get fit, don’t quit”by the students of grade X. The program was presented as COFFEE WITH KRISHNA with the following team members J.Yogitha , T.Rajeshwari, D.Chellakrishnan from grade X and J.Yashika of grade VIII. The program included exercises with equipments, exercises without equipments , yoga asanas and nutritious foods. Students gave their best effort and made the podcast.
DAY 5 (21/12/20):
Online Quiz:
Online quiz Competition related to Fitness/Sports was conducted for the children of grade V. 33 students took part , used their intellect with great interest and did their best.
Squat Challenge:
It was undertaken by the children of grade IV. 24 children participated in the challenge which is beneficial for their entire body.
Step up challenge:
It was undertaken by the students of grade II & III. 10 students participated in this simple body resistance exercise and performed very well.
Spot Jogging:
It was conducted for the students of grade I. Running in place elevates heart rate & improves blood sugar level.38 children took part & did their best.
Rope Skipping:
Jumping rope is a full body workout that burns many calories in a short time.22 students from grade VI participated actively.
Ball Dribbling:
It improves motor skills & hand – eye coordination. 18 students from grade VII & VIII bounced the ball on the floor continuously with one hand at a time and showed their great interest.
DAY 6 (23/12/2020):
Fit India Active day capsules:
Activities for fitness sessions at home involving students and parents was organized form grade I to X. Videos on Fit India Active day capsules were sent through whatsapp and 33 students & parents performed their best.
Hacky Sack at home:
Children of grade IV & V were asked to make their own hacky sack & perform the task in order to lengthen the spine & also to relieve any low back tension or pain. 13 students participated and played the game with great eagerness.
Aluminium foil inside a sock – ball & any wooden piece – bat to play cricket:
Children from grade VI & VII used their own things creatively to play cricket & 10 students played the game very eagerly.
Mosquito bat & T.T ball to paly Badminton /Tennis game:
21 students of grade I & II participated in this game and showed their great enthusiasm in playing tennis with mosquito bat & T.T ball
Fitness Circuit:
Draw a ladder on the floor with a chalk piece or crayon – Circuit training is a form of resistance training that targets strength building & muscular endurance children of grade VIII & IX were announced about this & 6 students took part in the game.

Day - 1

Free hand exercise - Virtual assembly:
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Shuttle running:
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